Torg Eternity - PanPacifica Sourcebook Deluxe

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ITS MARTIAL ARTS VERSUS MEGACORPS! The Pan-Pacifica Sourcebook details a Cosm of corporate... mehr
Produktinformationen "Torg Eternity - PanPacifica Sourcebook Deluxe"

The Pan-Pacifica Sourcebook details a Cosm of corporate intrigue and ruthless competition, where a handshake upfront often distracts just long enough to land a knife in the back. Direct power is too visible, so soft control is exerted through social means such as universal basic income and apps on the ubiquitous Zuzu smartphone. Well-placed character assassinations in the media are often a prelude to the more direct violence of corporate assassins and Kanawa Security forces. The Cosm extends from glittering night clubs where corporate spies mingle with status-seeking executives and thrill-seeking GeneMods to remote island laboratories in which new threats are crafted.

The Pan-Pacifica Sourcebook is an expansion designed for both players and Game Masters.

Inside youll find:
The Pan-Pacifica Sourcebook in a deluxe leatherette, gold-embossed cover.
A cure for the Contagion has been found, but genetically engineered threats the XenoGospog seem to be directly linked to some of the alien DNA of the plague.
New Perks and Miracles for advancing characters, including options for Beta Clearance Storm Knights.
Rules for Martial Arts.
GeneMods: genetic modifications that range from purely cosmetic to truly lethal.
Power Suits!
New Threats, including elite corporate defenders, GeneMod chimeras, deadly robots, a few supernatural horrors, and the first ever 6th planting gospog.
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