Dark Legion Monster Necrobeast Rider

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Originating  from a planet recently conquered by Alakhai himself, the animal that has been... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dark Legion Monster Necrobeast Rider"
Originating  from a planet recently conquered by Alakhai himself, the animal that has been  mutated into the necrobeast is an evil, malign and fast moving construct  ridden by the largest and most cunning of the necromutants; the  Centurions. 1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model 1x Card 1x50mm Base Type: Light Vehicle Model count: 1-2 per unit The Necrobeasts have been biogenetically reconstructed into dark creatures like nothing ever  known by mankind; when a Necrobeast moves, it does so with an unsettling agility. The pinnacle of  necromutation, every muscle is utilised to its maximum potential. Every aspect of their physical form  has been manufactured for the sole purpose of war and dealing a merciless and brutal death. This alien  monstrosity can taste a prey's blood in the air from several miles away, making it a remarkable tracker.  Its jaws are filled with rows upon rows of serrated teeth, which continually fall out and are organically  replaced with new growths, ensuring they are always razor sharp. Two small black eyes reflect  an intelligence which, like their master', is cruel and cunning with a penchant for merciless slaughter.  Beyond the Citadels and upon the battlefield the beasts are frequently ridden to war by Centurions,  the most elite of all human-based Necromutants. The Necrobeast's malign intelligence recognises  and respects the Centurion's superiority in all that is dark and cosents to becoming a steed.
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