Dark Legion Support Praetorian Goliath and Imp

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2x 32mm  scale Resin models 1x card 1x 50mm base 1x 30mm base Type: Support... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dark Legion Support Praetorian Goliath and Imp"
2x 32mm  scale Resin models 1x card 1x 50mm base 1x 30mm base Type: Support The secrets behind the growth of the Praetorian Stalkers are known to but a few, even within the  Legion itself. Only the most fearless (or corrupt) Inquisitors have gleaned an insight into their development.  They have discovered that "worthy" candidates are subjected to a dark ritual, freeing them of  their old body and transferring their soul into a new, more powerful, vessel. Candidates are placed in  pairs into necrotech pods. Alkaloid fluids burn away the flesh, leaving nought but the nervous system  and a soup of what they once were. The soup is siphoned off to be served at the highest tables  within the Citadels. In a cascade of unnatural biomechanical manufacture each Praetorian Stalker is  constructed within the necrotic womb. Initially the nervous system is fused to the musculature and  sub-dermal aspects of the construct, which are then attached in turn to the dermal and then the epidermal  layers. Once complete, armour plates are bonded to the creature on the molecular level, completing  the process. Ultimately, pairs of fully formed Stalkers emerge from their pods dripping in the  blood, vitae and Dark Symmetry of the bubbling birthing pool; twinned-terrors of necrotechnology and  tortured sentient.  Stalkers grown together form an unnatural empathy with each other, leading to malevolent unison  and intuition; a hunting pack with a potential far superior to those brought together by training alone.  Stalkers grown in a single egg develop symmetrically, the dark energies of the pool infusing them  with equal power and strength. In recent years, following the success of the Praetorian Behemoth, the  greatest of Algeroth's Tekrons, Korlugon the Master of the Dark Technology, has tinkered further with  the gestation protocols of the Stalkers. New ingredients have been added, crueller and crueller methods  have been trialled and the ingredient mix has been re-evaluated. Most of these experiments have  resulted in little more than aborted foetuses or stillborns. Most, but not all...  For many months Korlugon tried in vain to breed an enhanced Stalker with not only greater  strength but an equally enhanced intellect; a warrior and a leader to rival all, except the Nepharites  themselves. Over the course of countless experiments he devised a method utilising nervous-systems  of two volunteers, melding them into a single construct. The first incarnations were nothing more  than malformed heaps of mutated limbs and conflicting personalities. Adamant that the fusion of two  beings held the key to success, Korlugon set about trimming, truncating and removing superfluous  dendrites, so refining his masterpiece into a singular abomination rather than a ghastly fusion of two.  After many iterations, failures and refinements, a live Goliath was born. Its first act was to breathe a  piteous scream; its second was to rip its own head from its shoulders. Korlugon was furious, his goal  was close, yet continued to elude him. In his rage he stormed from the experimental pool, executing  anyone or thing that got in his way. For days he poured through his research, searching for anything  he may have missed. Finally a spark of inspiration came. He returned to the research pool and repeated  the same experiment as before, but this time he added the dendritic off-cuts to the pod before starting  the developmental process anew. A Goliath was born; a beast nearly twice the bulk of a normal stalker.  This time, however, another creature skulked unarmoured from the mire with it; an evil, impish thing.  Korlugon had succeeded. The Goliath is a beast fed on the strength and power of the Darkness within  which it was grown. The vile Imp is the Goliath#s shadow, infused with all the malice, cunning and intellect  of the Symmetry. The empathic link between the amorphic twins is so strong that they act as if  of one mind. In battle the armoured Goliath strides forward, colossal scythe in hand. The manifestation of Death itself, its visage draws the enemy in like insects to a violent and deadly flame. All the while  the Imp hides in his twin's shadow waiting; the powers of darkness shrouding him just as much as his  sibling's billowing shroud. Then as if from nowhere the Imp delivers a death strike, like a small serpent  striking a rat from under the belly of a bear. The brothers smile as one as their unsuspecting target  crumbles before them. Then quietly, as if a figment of a maligned imagination, the Imp disappears as  it skulks back into his brother's shadow. 
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