Dark Legion Support Nasca Razides

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The  infernal creation of the Dark Legion, the Razides, are a disgusting  abomination of steel... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dark Legion Support Nasca Razides"
The  infernal creation of the Dark Legion, the Razides, are a disgusting  abomination of steel and flesh. 3x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model 6x Cards 3x 40mm base Type: Support Model count: 3 and foul caricature of what they once were. All Razides come from the same genetic pool, given a  mockery of a life through dark   ecrotechnology. A series of arterial tubes feed insidious liquids to their  vital organs, protected by layers of otherworldly bio-metals. What separates the Nasca Razides from  their crimson counterparts does not end at the pigmentation of their flesh, but extends to their physical  build-up. They display a benign intelligence, an adaptation to highly-toxic environmental conditions  and a strange ability to execute acts of incredible dexterity that their physical form should deny  them.  In the depths of Alakhai's chamber, Valpurgius commands a team of tekrons which toil laboriously  to create ever more menacing creations for what Valpurgius only currently describes as his "master  plan". It is said that in return for his service to Ilian, the Dark Mistress, he was allowed to peer into  the future of the Dark Soul. What he saw was his moment to shine in the baleful eyes of Algeroth; to  stand above any other Nepharite and reign supreme. The Nasca Razide was designed for the sole purpose  of fulfilling his needs, they were to form the main spearhead in his plans of domination, but until  then, they would need testing and have been sighted as significant contingent of the Solar System's  major Dark Legion incursions. In the field, the cerulean-fleshed Nasca Razides are just as resilient as  their bloodshot peers, though they display less of a temper-fuelled determination to engage in physical combat. Nasca Razides are resistant to becoming enraged beyond control, preferring a calculating  and organised approach to combat; they display signs of a synergy with other Nasca Razides and an  ability to think as an assembly rather than as their own battle-frenzied selves.
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