Dark Legion Troops Undead Legionnaires

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Imagine  the nightmare of war where a multitude of undead and technologically advanced  aliens... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dark Legion Troops Undead Legionnaires"
Imagine  the nightmare of war where a multitude of undead and technologically advanced  aliens are bearing down on you and your comrade. He takes a bullet to the  chest, his writhing and screaming stops quickly as he bleeds out... 5x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models 1x Card 5x 30mm bases Type: Troops Model count: 5 - 12 per unit The battlefields of the Solar System offer countless nightmares to the soldiers of Mankind, from  lumbering bio-mechanical giants to thrashing, formless things of tentacle and maw. However, for  many, the most subtle terror is spread by the very existence of the Undead Legionnaires. Forming  the greater bulk of many Dark Legion armies, Undead Legionnaires are mindless animated corpses  brought into being by the vilest of rites and animated by the Dark Symmetry. The corpses themselves  are plundered from the battlefield or disinterred from mass graves both recent and ancient, and that  is the core of the Legionnaires' terror. To face them is to see the most horrible of destinies. Most soldiers  would sooner any other fate than one in which their slain bodies are reanimated, their stiff limbs  forced to bear arms against their former comrades.
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