Dark Legion Hero Alakhai Ascendant

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Long has Alakhai the Cunning been the chosen overlord of all of the Apostle of War's forces.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dark Legion Hero Alakhai Ascendant"
Long has Alakhai the Cunning been the chosen overlord of all of the Apostle of War's forces.
1x Multipart 88 mm tall (32mm scale) Resin model
12x Card
1x 40mm base
Type: Warlord
Model count: 1
His victories in his dark master's name are countless and the very mention of him is enough to weaken the resolve of any army sent into battle against him. His forces have nearly routed the Corporations for hundreds of miles of the dense Venusian jungle that surrounds his citadel; only a handful of scattered Special Forces remain to challenge him. Recently, he launched a devastating attack against the heavily-fortified city of Volksburg. His host swept over the hardened redoubts that guarded the city, washing over them in a tide of dark symmetry and undeath. It is said the city is the most guarded in human history, and during that battle, it was clear that any other attacking army would have been destroyed utterly. However, as the defenders steeled themselves for war, they were attacked from within. Legions of necrotech-enhanced cultists that had lain in wait for decades rose up and killed many of the unsuspecting Homebuilders manning the walls. How they had escaped the watchful eye of the Brotherhood is anyone's guess, as Volksburg is routinely subjected to ministrations of the Brotherhood Inquisition. As the outer walls fell, Alakhai himself took to the battle, sweeping the dread blade Meat Wolfer in huge arcs of death. With each swing, a dozen Bauhaus Soldiers died and soon they were pushed back to the civilian sector walls. It was on the bridge leading to the Kleinhardt district that Inquisitor Majoris Johann Gott, commander of all of the Second Directorate forces on Venus and fifth in command of the
entirety of the Brotherhood, clashed blade to blade with the massive nepharite overlord, his glowing runeblade of the Light holding back Alakhai's titanic strength. The two fought as if demigods locked in a cycle of hatred, deep wounds pouring blood and ichor from each of them. It appeared as though Gott would prevail as he sank the sword into the nepharite2019s slablike side, sheering ribs in half and causing catastrophic damage to the creature. It was not to be, however. With a growl, the overlord brought Meat Wolfer down in final strike, destroying
the inquisitor2019s force shield and cutting the man in half in a bloody diagonal arc. The bisected pieces of the man fell in a heap as the victorious Alakhai roared triumphantly, his forces driven into a frenzy of destruction. It was only the intervention from Elector Duke Romanov and a huge reinforcing army from Heimburg, that finally drove the Legion forces from the city and back into the jungles they came from. It is whispered that Alakhai voluntarily pulled his troops back after the inquisitor2019s defeat since he had the city at his mercy, but as to why he would do that, no one knows. What is known though, is that the nepharite was greatly rewarded by Algeroth. The Apostle appears to have heaped blessings upon him, transforming him even further. Before, it would have been a contest between him and Saladin as to who was more powerful. Now there is no doubt. Alakhai is without a doubt the most powerful nepharite in the solar system.
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