Dark Legion Hero Golgotha

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  • PIC101504
In  appearance, Golgotha is quite singular. She stands nearly ten feet tall and  her body is a... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dark Legion Hero Golgotha"
In  appearance, Golgotha is quite singular. She stands nearly ten feet tall and  her body is a terrifying hybrid of femininity and brutality. Her features  bear something of the aristocratic, leading some to postulate that she might  once have been a human... 1x Multipart 35mm tall (32mm scale) Resin model 1x Cards 1x 40mm base Type: Warlord/Hero Model count: 1 In battle, Golgotha focuses on ruthlessly direct assaults that overwhelm her foes and crush  them utterly. While fully capable of more subtle strategy, it is said of the Nepharite that her true  desire is the gifting of pain and the suffering it causes. To this end, Golgotha seeks out the mightiest  of champions amongst her enemies, as well as their leaders and most cherished figureheads.  These she engages in combat herself, but her aim is not simply to kill. Rather, she seeks to lay  her foes low in full view of their fellows, to render them utterly submissive and to drag them off to her Dark Citadel, there to inflict more dark delights upon their flesh. Those few who have faced  Golgotha in battle and survived the trauma that it is better to die than to fall captive to her. Many  would far rather take their own lives than allow such a fate to befall them.
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