Dark Legion Hero Nepharite of Algeroth

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Nepharites  are the most powerful creatures serving within the ranks of the Dark  Legion. 1x... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dark Legion Hero Nepharite of Algeroth"
Nepharites  are the most powerful creatures serving within the ranks of the Dark  Legion. 1x Multipart 32mm Resin model 1x Card 1x 40mm base Type: Lord They are  the evil lieutenants that drive the armies of darkness at the behest of the Dark Apostles. Nepharites  exact tyrannical control over their minions and the slightest failure is rewarded with a fate more unimaginable  than death. They always radiate calm and lead their army with cold efficiency and command  their forces with mighty battle cries.  They vary in rank and power with the most powerful being designated Overlords, who answer only  and directly to their Apostle. Nepharites are fearsome towering behemoths capable of unimaginable  vigour and evil. All Nepharites hunger for power and seek the favour of their Apostle. They are very  competitive amongst their ranks and are apt to stab their fellow Nepharites in the back as long as it  gains them position or power. Yet their loyalty to the Darkness is always without question.  Each Nepharite has powers and abilities that make it unique. Their nature varies, ultimately controlled  by their Apostle. Many have been cruelly twisted and corrupted for no more reason, it seems,  than it amuses their master. Others have been buffed specifically to become the ultimate fighting  machine with a bloodlust that cannot be sated, whereas yet others have a great understanding of the  Dark Symmetry and wield its powers in many diverse and perverse ways in the never ending battle  against mankind.  The appearance of the Nepharites varies greatly   on the Apostle they follow. All strike a  dark and powerful pose, radiating evil and perversion. Often sharp spikes and necrotech instruments  of pain pierce their bodies and armour. Their strength is reflected in their faces which are twisted in an  insane grin of grotesque teeth and exposed angry gums. Blank, lifeless eyes stare with the darkness  they represent and their features are an abhorrent mockery of the human form.  Nepharites of Algeroth are the most brutal of all Nepharites; the homicidal embodiment of war itself.  Each is enormous with a mighty musculature and commanding physical appearance. They are devoted  to the art of war, always leading their forces from the front. They gladly participate in the wanton  destruction being carried out and stalk the battlefield searching for new victims. All, except the highest  echelons, march to war carrying the vicious pole arm know as the Azogar; its wide chain-bladed head  tears all but the mightiest of opponents to bloody shreds in seconds. They march to battle, clad in a  shining dark armour, adorned with vile heraldry and repulsive patterns. Many also carry the mighty  Fist of Malice machine gun, a weapon which is as much a mark of position as it is a death dealing propeller  of Dark Symmetry. The Nepharites take great malicious gratification watching the foes of Algeroth  become nothing but a bloody mist when hit with their Fist. Some prefer to deal a less than fatal  blow with their ranged weapon, so they can take sadistic pleasure watching and hearing their victim  writhe and scream in pain and terror as they walk slowly towards them. They smile as their dead eyes  pierce their victims soul and the Azogar shreds their sternum.
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