Cybertronic Support Enhanced Machinators

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  • PIC101410
Standing at over 12 feet tall and with a predatory instinct the cybernetic constructs are... mehr
Produktinformationen "Cybertronic Support Enhanced Machinators"
Standing at over 12 feet tall and with a predatory instinct the cybernetic constructs are implemented in a ranger role where the excel at stealth tactics.
3x Multipart 32mm scale Resin Models
1x Card
3x 40mm bases
Type: Support
Model count: 3 - 6 per unit
The completely redesigned and exquisitely engineered Enhanced Machinators are extremely expensive to produce, containing Cuirassier electronics and cutting edge engineering. As such they are currently a rarity on the battlefield. Scientists are investigating methods to both reduce manufacturing costs and to utilise the A.I. as squad commanders for the basic Machinators. By developing and investigating command loop protocols, it is hoped that instead of deploying the enhanced version in large units it can be deployed singly, with a command of the original Machinators, although such processes are far from finalised. Pavlaski's Enhanced Machinators are nigh on indestructible; built with hardened alloys that are resistant to all but the most powerful of ballistic weaponry; the perfect tool for covert operations, with joints that move with an inhuman grace and silence. They are the masters of rapid assault with elongated legs and cybernetic tendons that give a gazelle-like leap and the ability to jump into and out of cover in near silence. Suffice to say, this contemporary take on the Machinator design is perfect for missions of assassination, reconnaissance and infiltration.
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