Capitol Heavy Vehicle Leviathan

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  • PIC101616
1x  Multipart 165mm Long (32mm scale) Resin model (Heavy Infantry miniature shown  for scale... mehr
Produktinformationen "Capitol Heavy Vehicle Leviathan"
1x  Multipart 165mm Long (32mm scale) Resin model (Heavy Infantry miniature shown  for scale only) 7x Cards                Type: Heavy Vehicle Model count: 1 The armoured division is not the most significant wing of Capitol Corporation military. Capitol  has a predisposition towards aerial support vehicles, such as the "shark" variant jetbikes, so few  tracked vehicles are seen in the Capitol lines. However, when the Leviathan is seen, the opposition  have reason to quake in their boots. Capitol's armoured vehicles are generally designed for  battle within dense urban environments or for providing cover and fire-support to the infantry  and light vehicle regiments. The few Capitolian tanks are designed to target infantry; however,  the Leviathan AFT-210, is the first to break this trend. It was devised as an answer to the Bauhaus  Grizzly Battletank, which had been decimating Capitol forces on both Venus and Mars.
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