Capitol Troops The Iron Lady

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  • PIC101608
Florence Grantham is a remarkable lady. 1x Multipart 32mm Resin model 1x Card 1x... mehr
Produktinformationen "Capitol Troops The Iron Lady"
Florence Grantham is a remarkable lady.
1x Multipart 32mm Resin model
1x Card
1x 30mm base
Type: Capitol Heavy Infantry Squad Commander upgarade
After an easy childhood on Ganymede, in the bosom of her Imperial family, she studied chemical warfare at university. She was repulsed by the effect that gas weapons had on the enemies of her corporation and campaigned for many years to ban such weapons. Her vocalisations fell on deaf ears. Eventually, frustrated by inaction, she defected to Capitol. She instantly volunteered for the freedom brigades, joining the medical corps on Mars; where her new corporation fought her old. For many years she tried to patch up wave after wave of Capitol soldiers. As each succumbed to the abhorrent gas weapons, she became more and more enraged. One, cold Martian night as the thousandth trooper died in her arms, something broke inside her. She stood up and walked calmly from the medical tent. A week later, as the 288th Heavy advanced on the Imperials, they were joined by a ghost. No one noticed, but the battalion had one extra trooper. The 288th took massive casualties when the Imperials unleashed a Nighthawk strike and were close to breaking. The unknown heavy infantry continued marching forward; one lone Capitolian iron in its will to defeat the enemy. Once the battle was won, the phantom removed her helmet and was instantly recognised by those around her. For the first time in her life she felt like she had made a difference. Since then Florence has been officially recruited into the Heavies and was issued a personalised Tortoise armour suit equipped with the tools of her medical trade. She is now, as always, resolute in her will to stop the use of chemical weapons and to break anyone who uses them in the warzones of the solar system.
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