Capitol Troops Light Infantry

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The grunts of the Capitol forces, the Light Infantry are an omnipresent sight in every... mehr
Produktinformationen "Capitol Troops Light Infantry"
The grunts of the Capitol forces, the Light Infantry are an omnipresent sight in every Capitolian Warzone. Each and every one is armed with a standard issue combat knife, M50 Rifle and their trusty under-slung grenade launcher.
5x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models
1x Card
5x 30mm bases
Type: Troops
Model count: 5 - 12 per unit
Capitol has a huge number of ground troops, the most numerous of which are formed into a multitude of Light Infantry divisions. These are the people expected to engage with the enemy and risk their lives amid the blood and dirt of actual combat. Capitol's Supreme Commanders never forget that their solders are citizens. The Commanders have a duty, when possible, to preserve the lives of those citizens. Each citizen of Capitol is a shareholder in the megacorporation and this fact is never entirely set aside; it comes to the fore in several ways. Capitol troops are always given the best training possible under the circumstances. They are taught comprehensively about self-preservation and force security on the battlefield. Capitol's Light Infantry are issued a suit of Mk1. Tortoise body armour and protective helmets. The cost of such equipment is negligible compared to the cost of training another soldier.
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