Brotherhood Hero Blessed Vestal Laura

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The Blessed Vestal Laura is a Valkyrie of signifiant renown, powerful in the Art and in the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Brotherhood Hero Blessed Vestal Laura"
The Blessed Vestal Laura is a Valkyrie of signifiant renown, powerful in the Art and in the utilisation of her weapon of choice the Castigator Power Spear.
1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model
1x Card
1x 40mm base
Type: Hero/Squad Commander
Model count: 1
Given her physical abilities as well as her skill in the Art it was perhaps inevitable that Laura would in time progress to join the ranks of the Valkyries. Her qualities stood her in good stead in the style of fighting for which this order of holy warrior-women are well known, excelling in close quarters battles against rebels and heretics. She soon rose to command a squad of her own, teaching them her own skills.
It was only when the true horror of the Dark Soul was revealed to her that Laura gained proper enlightenment, however. Though her early missions had brought her up against all manner of servants of the Dark Symmetry and her extensive training had schooled her well in the ways of the Darkness, nothing can truly prepare one for the first encounter with the mightiest of the Dark Legion's warriors. When at last the full scope of the enemy was revealed to her, it was as if the scales fell from Laura's eyes. While many are reduced to broken shells by the experience, Laura was transformed. In a moment of stark clarity, she became the being of purity and purpose she remains to this day.
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