Brotherhood Hero Crucifier

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Crucifiersare often seen in the midst of battle, dispatching the enemies of the Light  with ease.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Brotherhood Hero Crucifier"
Crucifiersare often seen in the midst of battle, dispatching the enemies of the Light  with ease. It is hard to determine which of the four arms each Crucifier suit  includes. 1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model. 1x Card 1x 40mm base. Type :Warlord/Hero Model Count : 1 Men and women of the second directorate volunteer for the position of Crucifier. Entirely dedicated to the cause, they are expected to lose all sense of individuality in this transformation. The process required to become a Crucifier is a result of recent advances in the fields of simple electronics that The Brotherhood deem safe to use.  The potential volunteer must have unthinking electronic interface controls surgically implanted into their brains, allowing them the use of the Crucifier exo-armour with no A.I. assistance. This procedure removes any skill in the Art that the volunteer may have already had for it is all now focused upon the control of these additional arms. Some volunteers that undergo this treatment reject the implant, dying days or even hours after surgery, but in more recent times, the success rate has risen and more often than not, applicants are deemed ready to undergo the next stage of becoming a Crucifier. After physical changes have been made to the brain of a potential Crucifier, the arduous training exercises begin, which allow comparable control of their natural and mechanically engineered arms attached to the Crucifier Exo-Armour. This skill can take years to develop, but eventually, once the volunteer and the armour act together as one, they are ready for deployment.
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