Bauhaus Heavy Vehicle Grizzly

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1x  Multipart  32mm scale Resin model  (approx. 150mm x 120 mm) 7x Cards Type: Heavy... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bauhaus Heavy Vehicle Grizzly"
1x  Multipart  32mm scale Resin model  (approx. 150mm x 120 mm) 7x Cards Type: Heavy Vehicle Model count: 1 per unit The Grizzly is not so much a tank as a mobile fortress. The template  has been presented at various scales and has been seen at dimensions so huge that as it  lumbers through the jungle it creates roads for following formations of lesser tanks and armoured  carriers to utilise. The GBT-49 is Bauhaus's largest commonly used variant of the Grizzly battle  tank, a powerful vehicle bristling with armaments. It mounts two huge weapons in its main turret;  a 180mm tank killer plus a 230mm mortar for indirect fire support. The main body is equipped  with various secondary turrets sporting either light machine guns or mini cannons. The GBT-49 Grizzly is powered by twin 7,800 horsepower turbo engines that consume 31 gallons  of diesel per kilometre, and more when forcing its way through especially dense secondary  jungle.
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