Bauhaus Support Venusian Rangers

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The most  famed Bauhause regiment in the Solar System, the Venusian Rangers are  excellent... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bauhaus Support Venusian Rangers"
The most  famed Bauhause regiment in the Solar System, the Venusian Rangers are  excellent marksmen and silent hunters. 5x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models 1x Booby Trap Resin token 1x Card 6x 30mm bases Type: Support Model count: 5 - 10 per unit The Venusian Rangers are well-versed in fighting the forces of the Dark Legion, but they see just  as much action against their megacorporate rivals. They are often used to mount surgical  strikes against the defenders of especially desirable targets that Bauhaus wishes to obtain,  such as mines and processing plants deep in the Venusian jungles. Spearheading these  hostile takeovers has led to the emergence of a degree of rivalry between the Venusian  Rangers and the Special Forces of the other megacorporations, the senior commanders  engaging in a game of cat and mouse as they hunt one another through the Green Hells.  Because Bauhaus is well known for its adherence to tradition, its troops rarely overstep the  bounds of honour. Captives are always well treated and the wounded of both sides are well  looked after, leading to a healthy professional respect between the Venusian Rangers and,  in particular, the Golden Lions of the Imperial Corporation, who have often been used in a  similar role. However, the Venusian Rangers set aside all codes of honour when fighting  the Dark Legion, for such deeds would never be reciprocated. In the battle for the very soul  of Humanity, there can be no such concessions.
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