Bauhaus Support Juggernauts

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  • PIC101810
Each Juggernaut is armed with flamethrowers, machineguns and powerful fists which the wearer... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bauhaus Support Juggernauts"
Each Juggernaut is armed with flamethrowers, machineguns and powerful fists which the wearer often uses (alongside a headbutt of shoulderbarge) to break through walls and into armoured vehicles
3x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models
1x Card
3x 40mm bases
Type: Support
Model count: 1 - 6 per unit
Although expensive to manufacture, the XO-102 201CSteel Strider201D suit is an example of stellar Bauhaus engineering and is more than suitable for any Warzone that the armoured Hussars will find themselves fighting in. The XO-102 is a hybrid suit designed after the 2018Ripberg2019 incident, using the blueprints for the Bauforschung Anzug (BFA) and early designs for the Vulcan Battlesuit. The XO-102 is a suit which favours strength over mobility and it requires little in the way of maintenance, whilst remaining resilient with incredible flexibility in terms of its armaments. Like all Bauhaus personal armoured suits, the XO-102 is made from layers of ceramic armour- plating and high-strength Venusian alloys. Venus itself is known for its extreme climates and suffers from both intense heat and cold. The Juggernauts are immune to such extreme environment variability due to internal climate control systems.
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