Bauhaus Troops Hussars

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Hussars  are among the best equipped and armed of all the regular corporate armies and  as every... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bauhaus Troops Hussars"
Hussars  are among the best equipped and armed of all the regular corporate armies and  as every citizen of Bauhaus is expected to serve in the military at some  point, they are never without a steady flow of recruits. 5x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models 1x Card 5x 30mm bases Type: Troops Model count: 5 - 12 per unit The Hussars are organised into large regiments, most of them associated with and recruited  from a specific city or region in the megacorporation's extensive domains. Each regiment is  fiercely proud of its military heritage and recruits are drilled with the histories of their forebears  until they fully appreciate the standards they are expected to uphold every moment of  their service. Many of these regiments can trace their lineage to the earliest days of the Bauhaus  Corporation. A few even claim to predate the great exodus, although in truth very few  reliable records of this tumultuous period in Mankind's history exist to confirm such beliefs.  Many regiments hold battle honours linking them to to the conquest of Venus when first the  Homebuilders settled there, and many recall the great deeds of their ancestors during the First  Corporate Wars.
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