Bauhaus Troops Baron Von Jaeger Artillery Korps

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  • PIC101808
Baron  von Jaeger is rather unique, an eccentric, may be even a madman, but  irreplaceable... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bauhaus Troops Baron Von Jaeger Artillery Korps"
Baron  von Jaeger is rather unique, an eccentric, may be even a madman, but  irreplaceable nonetheless. 1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model 1x Card 1x 30mm base Type: Squad leader, Unique Model count: 1 Jaeger  considers himself a hunter more than a military man; he spent his childhood honing the art of the hunt in  the jungles of House Piquarde, near Helmutsport on Venus. The skills he developed while hunting Devilcat, Venusian  Python and alike on his ancestral home, have placed him in good stead within the Bauhaus Military and  specifically the Bauhaus Artillery Korps (BAK), where he has excelled for 40 or so years. He is a strange sight to  behold upon the battlefield, decked in the finery of a Bauhaus Kapitan, over which he wears his tatty fifty year  old heavy leather hunting jacket. Perched upon his arm is his faithful hunting hawk "Hans". He wears a monocle  and has the most   agnificent of moustaches. Jaeger's talents have afforded him the leniency of his superiors in  regards to his less than standard tactics and   ppearance. When an enemy needs to be hunted in a brash show  of Bauhaus military force, Jaeger is the man for the job. His befuddled   ppearance belies a shrewd and tactical  mind, a mind that sees a battle as something beneath him; much rather would he be hunting down a stealthy  and intelligent foe in a series of precise attacks and feints, finally finishing the worthy opponent in a large, precise  and devastating bombardment, obliterating them from existence. He scorns any mission given to him that does  not spark his hunter's interest, giving it the least of his attention. This has led to no end of disciplinaries, but his  exemplary record elsewhere has ensured his current batch of superiors utilise the "old Baron" where he is at his  best. Jaeger will always be found amongst the howitzers and cannons of his korps, surrounded by tables filled  with maps and antiquated instruments of cartography and survey, reams of ink and guava splattered plans billow  in the wind, detailing his target and the intricacies of the particular hunt. He will often go beyond his station,  taking control of the larger army, ignoring the counter of his field superiors, wielding their men as if his own.  Placing them, repositioning them and distributing them ready so that they will funnel the prey. Constantly muttering  to himself as he discusses his plans with Hans, often getting into loud argument with the tempestuous  bird as it's "suggestions" infuriate the Baron. Eventually, the moment will come when he has positioned, or funnelled,  his prey. "Check mate" he will mutter under his breath as Hans squawks and flaps in excitement. "FIRE!"  he screams before his guns reply.
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