Bauhaus Hero Valerie Duval

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  • PIC101804
A  highborn only child of a cruel and dismissive father, Valerie is a woman  gifted with... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bauhaus Hero Valerie Duval"
A  highborn only child of a cruel and dismissive father, Valerie is a woman  gifted with immaculate beauty, with flowing locks of silken brunette hair and  eyes which have an essence of warmth that belies her ice-cold exterior. 1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model 1x Card 1x 40mm base Type: Warlord/Hero Model count: 1 As  a fully-fledged member of the Etoiles Mortant, Valerie  Duval engaged her enemies in an almost dance-like  lethality. She became a master assassin, using her  two EN-13 Nightsticks and silenced Punisher  Handgun to silently dispatch the enemies  of mankind. Ultimately she was noticed by  the Bauhaus Ministry of Fear, who seconded  her to the vaunted Intelligence Service. In this guise  Duval would lead missions of great significance to the  megacorporation, often with objectives of asset or corporate  assassination.  Since joining the Ministry of Fear, Duval makes no time  for personal relationships. She is exclusively focused on her  military career. Rare few are close to Valerie Duval. Those closest  know not to question her intentions, nor to delve into the sorrow-  filled past that still haunts her worst nightmares. Whether  one knows her personally or not, Valerie Duval is regarded as the  Solar System's most efficient and merciless assassin.
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