Ruined Church Pre Painted

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Built in high quality MDF, the Ruined Church is the biggest complement we have made to date. This... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ruined Church Pre Painted"
Built in high quality MDF, the Ruined Church is the biggest complement we have made to date. This element of real 28 mm scale, has a total size of 48 cm, and can be used in all kinds of games, from large with many miniatures wargames, to skirmishes games with very few miniatures. His engravings and interior walls make it perfectly playable inside, because it has enough space for your models, even for the largest, and the multitude of internal elements such as walls, counters and benches provide seamless coverage.
The Ruined Church is designed to fit all types of wargames, historical, fantasy, science fiction or Steam Punk, as not belonging to any particular style or period, enable users to decorate and paint in the style that most appeals to them.
Besides being a huge element, which covers much of your field, the cathedral has a detachable bell tower and two floors in the tower, which still provides more gameplay to this item. Also it includes a pair of crumbling walls and lots of grave tombs with which you can create an adjacent graveyard, or create an entirely separate element to use as you prefer. And the Cathedral banks themselves, which are also included in this pack.
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