Battle for Baghdad

Battle for Baghdad
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  • OSSMCSG0901
Battle for Baghdad is a political/military game dealing with the current occupation of the city... mehr
Produktinformationen "Battle for Baghdad"
Battle for Baghdad is a political/military game dealing with the current occupation of the city of Baghdad by US forces. The game models six factions, Sunni, Shi'ite, Iraqi Government, US, NGOs, and Jihadists, each having unique capabilities and goals within the city of Baghdad. The primary focus of the game is to demonstrate the asymmetrical conditions that exist within the environment, and to portray the challenges that confront interacting actors with differing goals. The product is approachable, making it ideal for group board game fans, but is sophisticated enough to provide significant value to university classrooms and government training.
 Battle for Baghdad was play-tested by members of the Naval War College, Center for Naval Analysis, Center for Army Analysis, and the US Air Force, and researched using open source information and interviews with military personnel who currently or have recently served in Baghdad, making Battle for Bagdad as representative of the situation as possible.
The primary purpose of producing Battle for Baghdad is to demonstrate the kinds of challenges inherent in the occupation of the country of Iraq. Intended as an educational tool, the game aptly shows how understanding one' s own goals in a multi-competitive environment is insufficient to guarantee stability or success. Knowledge of the goals and intent of the other players is crucial to successful coalition building and in-theater success.
The simulation game comes complete with a satellite map of the city of Baghdad, playing cards that comprise the Arms Bazaar, Arab Street, and Command Structures of the various groups, conflict displays, and infrastructure and security tokens. Players compete with one another to deliver security and infrastructure to the city, and in so doing collect political points, which function as the game's currency. These points, in turn, allow players to purchase capabilities and prosecute strategies that can bring them closer to accomplishing their unique victory condition. However, due to the multi-competitive nature of the game, setbacks and unplanned outcomes are common and often occur at the worst possible time.
Demonstrations have been conducted at various US military and DoD conferences. The game has been advertised with multiple full-page color ads in Against the Odds magazine, and three back covers of Battles magazine.

One 22'x22' Mounted Map
Rules Book
Design Notes
Strategy Guide
Example of Play
Two Commitment Indicators
Six Reference Cards
Six Faction Displays
30 Command Cards
35 Arab Street Cards
63 Arms Bazaar Cards
280 Die-Cut Counters

Playing Time: Two to Four Hours
Designer: Joseph Miranda
Class: Multiplayer Strategy Board Game (2-6 Players)
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